National Handicrafts Day

National Handicrafts Day in Pakistan was proposed to be celebrated nationwide in Pakistan. At a consultative session with the stakeholders, Femonics demanded that the government should announce National Handicrafts day for Pakistan. Femonics believes that it will be a day celebrated every year where all the provinces will celebrate their indigenous culture, Women-led MSMEs will […]

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MoU Signing

Femonics Signed an MoU with Handicrafts Association of Pakistan. Both organizations pledged their full support for the promotion of the handicraft sector in domestic and international markets.

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Focus Group Discussion

Femonics invited community activists for a focus group discussion on Sustainable Alternatives to Plastic. Participants pledged to bring lifestyle changes to combat climate change. Role of women was particularly discussed; being an influencer to family and friends, their role emphasized

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Climate Change & EcoTourism

Femonics is Organizing focus group campaigns on climate change with Makesense in Pakistan. Makesense is a global community of engaged citizens, passionate entrepreneurs and innovative organizations that aims to co-develop solutions to the most pressing social and environmental issues of our time by enabling citizens across the world to take concrete action on an issue

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