About Us

Femonics Pvt Ltd is a Legal entity registered
with the Securities and Exchange Commission of
Pakistan under companies Act 2017.


is a gender lab for inclusive socio economic reforms. The endeavor aims to highlight the importance of women economic empowerment and participation, harmonization of policies and interdepartmental synergies for inclusive socio economic reforms. It intends to create linkages and promote collaborations among public-private departments and stakeholders to remove the barriers in the socio-economic advancement of women and marginalized communities. It intends to help them to get to the leadership positions and train them and advocate for the gender sensitive  policies.

Our Mission

To bridge the gender gap through advocacy, capacity building and evidence based policy interventions for policy interventions for sustainable socio economic reforms

Our Vision

Collaborate- Empower-Impact

Our Objectives

  • To encourage, foster, promote, advance, enhance, facilitate and assist in the economic development of Pakistan through gender based interventions from the grass root level.
  • Serve as an advocacy platform for Pakistani women for their socio-economic advancement, providing suggestions for policy formulation with regards to gender to both public and private sector bodies. Address matters like Workplace harassment, cybersecurity, mobility issues that act as a hindrance to women socio economic empowerment.
  • Foster, promote and facilitate academia-Industry linkages for research and policy interventions for economic advancement of women and marginalized communities.
  • Support and promote Indigenous commercial heritage of women artisans and women led services in domestic and international markets
  • Promote, foster Green economy among women by taking initiative for Climate change, Eco-tourism and Green entrepreneurship.
  • To promote and facilitate transfer of Technology and knowledge into Pakistan. To equip women with new trends of market through digitalization, promotion of IT and innovation.
  • Promote women for leadership, decision-making for management and corporate boards by fostering and promoting women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making that may lead to their economic empowerment for an inclusive economy.
  • Promote technical and commercial links and establish joint ventures among women entrepreneurs at the national, regional and international levels to support community-based initiatives and help in transition of informal MSMEs and SMEs into formal economy.
  • Leverage this network for knowledge sharing and highlighting best practices for women led businesses.